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  • I guess I'm still confused as to how you would know we coded it correctly on the live robot to get a check for the "starred" assignments if we don't send it to you...... sorry I'm not getting this - I know it can't be that difficult....grrrr!
  • This is my code for vacuum challenge. I would have uploaded through the artifact area, but it said that the prior upload would be erased. I didn't see check marks for the codes I already uploaded, so didn't want to upload through the artifact area…
  • dizzy drive code
  • My link to the steering forward code artifact...
  • I figured out the 3 stop challenge. Do I upload code for the next challenge - the turning 90 degrees? To me, it is a bit confusing when to upload, as it says to do the challenge, but there isn't a tab to upload your work for that, so I don't know…
  • I am stuck on week 2 challenge....the one where you have 3 different stops and have the arm move up and down. I can get the arm up, but then it gets stuck and can't complete the rest of the commands....I think you talked about "why" this is - can …
  • I downloaded the trial. Do we also have to download the missions/curriculum from the Robot Virtual World? I can program the EV3 using a "live" robot, so am anxious to do it in a virtual world. Any help as to how to get to the actual lesson would …
  • I am downloading now....will let you know if it didn't work...
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