Comparision between LEGO EV3 and VEX IQ Robotics learning tracks

1. What the various pros and cons of LEGO EV3 and VEX IQ?
2. Other than EV3 and VEX IQ, which other Robots can be programmed and controlled with ROBOTC?
3. Other than components used to build the robot and ROBOTC being common Programming Language for Advance Programmers to control EV3 or VEX IQ robots, , is there any advantage or difference when choosing a particular learning track - EV3 or VEX IQ tracks?


  • Hi there, many of those are subjective so I am curious what others say. Regarding ROBOTC, the only other platform is Arduino, but that was an older version of ROBOTC.

    We use the robotics platforms as a tool to teach computer science and STEM, so our tracks are very similar. The VEX IQ includes additional sections for remote control since that is not available in the LEGO EV3 platform.
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