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  • I figured out the 3 stop challenge. Do I upload code for the next challenge - the turning 90 degrees? To me, it is a bit confusing when to upload, as it says to do the challenge, but there isn't a tab to upload your work for that, so I don't know how you would know that I completed it and that you can mark me off...thanks for all your patience! :)
  • Hi there,

    In the pages of the certification track that are called "Artifact Upload", you will find the description mentions the program for the specific challenge. For those pages, upload the program on those pages to fulfill that requirement. If you are unsure, I can walk you through it this week during class.

    If you are speaking of the pages that (now) have the "Star" icon next to it, those are looking for you to complete the activities in the virtual world. If you are using a physical robot and not the virtual world robot, then just do it with your physical robot, and move onto the next page when you're done. Let me know when you've uploaded the code to the "Artifact Upload" page and I can "check" you off for those particular pages.
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