ROBOTC or Lejos for advanced ev3 programming

Please put your pros and cons on ROBOTC and LejoS based on the following points below
1. easy to setup and use -- to my view it is ROBOTC
2. more functionality in terms of programming all possible sensors/motors etc
3. have stronger forum and documentation
4. have any UI based plugin
5. ease of debugging
6. reference book based on the conclusion from above

Any other suggestion you think is better than ROBOTC and lejos for advanced programming.



  • Hi Avijit,

    I've only looked at LejoS several years ago so I can't give any input regarding that specific language. I'm curious if anyone else has though...?
  • I started to work on ev3dev . I found that very interesting. Any programming language can be chosen.
    Good for coders, but programming is not as friendly as labview.
    Lego has done a wonderful task. But I was thinking how to do complex coding on Labview like implementation of algorithm for data structures. This is why I am opting into conventional programming languages and their feasibility of programming ev3.
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