Arm Position touch sensor

I am not sure what is meant by hitting the "up" button in order to activate the touch sensor. Is there a way to program the touch sensor to do that? I reviewed past lessons/codes, but I can't seem to get this. Please advise....

Thanks! Janna


  • Hi Janna!

    Great question. What that means is that it wants you to use the "EV3 Buttons" to activate the program. So in the "Wait For" block, you can choose different sensors like the Touch Sensor, or the Color Sensor and whatnot. You also get the choice of EV3 Buttons. Once you choose EV3 Buttons, you can have it "Wait" for a specific button. Now keep in mind that the Virtual Brick doesn't have an UP button, so you will have to utilize one of the other buttons.

    I hope this makes sense!
  • Thanks so much!
  • I am stuck on week 2 challenge....the one where you have 3 different stops and have the arm move up and down. I can get the arm up, but then it gets stuck and can't complete the rest of the commands....I think you talked about "why" this is - can you refresh my memory? Thanks. We plan on using this "move" for a FLL group in a month and need to figure it out.
  • Absolutely. So what you are seeing is that the arm is trying to go up. You are probably seeing the green light blink twice over and over again. This means that the program is still running, but it can’t pass the flow onto the next block!

    If you look at the program, you will notice that the motor block you used to move the arm has a number of rotations set. If it is stuck, this means that you may have told the robot to move its arm too “far”, but it just cannot physically move any further. So you will need to adjust this.

    I hope this makes sense. Thanks!
  • Hi Vnguyen, I have uploaded all of my challenges for the sensors, could you please check and adjust my badges. thanks Tom
  • Sure thing! Will keep you posted.
  • Looks like you should be good to go Tom!
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