Virtual World

Have you given us permission to use the virtual brick to complete the mission?


  • I could not access virtual worlds either. I could only access using a free trial which then doesn't allow you to upload to Carnegie's site.
  • Hi all,

    The Virtual Brick should be able to be activated using the license that I gave you in the Day 1 slideshow (it's near the end). The free trial has the same functionality as the full version, so I'm not sure what you mean about the uploading to the Carnegie's site. Can you clarify that?
  • I am downloading now....will let you know if it didn't work...
  • Great. Thanks!
  • Hi, I emailed you last night about not being able to get a check mark in the one section. I got back to you with an answer to your question but you never replied back to me after that. Where do we stand on this? thanks Tom
  • I downloaded the trial. Do we also have to download the missions/curriculum from the Robot Virtual World? I can program the EV3 using a "live" robot, so am anxious to do it in a virtual world. Any help as to how to get to the actual lesson would be helpful before class tomorrow night. Thanks!
  • You will want to download the “Intro to EV3” level:

    That’s the one that had all of the challenges.
  • Hi Tom,

    I replied in the Support ticketing system. What that page is looking for is for you to earn the appropriate achievements in the virtual world. If you are doing the physical challenges then just move on and I will give you credit after seeing that you have uploaded the code in the artifact area.
  • ok, didn't know that. I do not own a pc, so I will upload the program. thanks
  • Sure thing. Let me know if you run into anything else!
  • Hi I upload pictures of the programs for the challenges. could you please check them, and if they are correct, give me the missing check marks. thanks!!
  • Will do. Thanks for letting me know!
  • Sure! They look good to me. Thanks!

  • This is my code for vacuum challenge. I would have uploaded through the artifact area, but it said that the prior upload would be erased. I didn't see check marks for the codes I already uploaded, so didn't want to upload through the artifact area until they were checked - thus you get this image from Google Docs. :)
    I'm sure there is a more efficient way - ?
    image.png 452.9K
  • The Vacuum challenge isn't one that you have to upload, but it looks good to me. Thanks!
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