Virtual Brick Questions

I'm attempting to use the Virtual Brick this weekend and am encountering some issues. The first issue is that the interface is tiny and "Maximize" is grey and unable to be clicked on. Does anyone else have this issue? I've tried changing my computer display settings scaling and resolution and though it changes everything else, it doesn't change the Virtual Brick screen. Yikes! I need a magnifying glass. Any tips?

Secondly, when in the EV3 software on the bottom right it says NXT in orange in the top. I am connected to Virtual Brick. In trying to raise the robot arm I cannot add the medium motor as it "Not supported by the connected brick" thoughts? After reading the Virtual Brick manual it does mention this problem and suggests substituting the large motor when using Virtual Brick. So I have to change my programing back and forth between Virtual Brick and the physical EV3, yes?


  • Hi MissAmanda,

    Regarding the tiny screen size, one thing that you can use is the ALT+ENTER to go full screen.

    And yes, in the EV3 software it will display as "NXT". Short answer to that is that beneath the virtual surface is actually just an NXT wearing an EV3 costume. Because of this, in order to move the arm for the EV3 robot, you will need to use the Large Motor block instead of the Medium motor block.

    What we typically tell folks to do is create two parallel programs, one using the Medium motor block for the physical robot, and another for Virtual Brick using the Large motor block.

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