Fall 2017 - Week 1 Homework

Hi everyone! This week's homework is to do the following:

  1. Build your REM robot
  2. Complete the entire EV3 - Robot Configuration badge
  3. Go through the following requirements on the EV3 - Movement badge: Introduction to Moving Forward up through Sensabot challenge
Let us know if you have any questions!


  • I am having a difficult time getting strawberry sorter to work. HELP! do I use a switch in a loop or switch in a switch?? ahhhh
  • The strawberry sorter is a difficult one because it has many different dependencies. The object has to sit very close to the color sensor when the color sensor needs to check what color the object is.

    I wouldn't get too caught up in the challenge itself, but what I want you to understand is the ability for the robot to make decisions based on the color that it is seeing. If you can get the robot to perform different behaviors depending on the color, then that would be all I want you to understand.
  • thank god. thanks, that makes life alot easier. I was able to go to the strawberry's grab them and then that is where I have problems. I can make it turn, but not right for bad ones and left for the good ones. it seems to only turn one way. I used a switch, within a switch .
  • Hi, I cannot get something to work and would like your opinion about it. i am trying to use an ultrasonic with a switch. ugh
  • Hey Tom, which part isn’t working? Is it detecting the object with the ultrasonic sensor?
  • yes sensor is causing big headaches
  • Can you elaborate on that? So does it detect an object or not?

    One thing I noticed on your code is that the "Wait for Rotations" block is checking until the number is EQUAL TO a value. You have to be careful with setting that to compare to equal, because when the sensor is accumulating, it may jump further than the value you're waiting for, and it will never come back to that.
  • thank you.
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